Miracle Fruit! A 1725 evergreen shrub, discovery of Chevalier des Marchais from West Africa

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Miracle Fruit from exoticflora


Have you ever seen a fellow human turning a sour situation to sweet and warmth? Then that would be a miracle in our lives, right? Do not know about the existence of such miracle fellow humans around us, but definitely, we are blessed with a Miracle berry. The miracle of turning a sour taste to one of sweetness! In this a lesson for humans! All thanks to the gustatory effects of Miraculin glycoprotein inducing sweetness.


Miracle fruit revolutionized the world of diabetes, weight loss, and antioxidant- disease prevention. A contribution of its History to Research helped a lot to understand the taste altering property from sour to sweet taste and consists of one calorie of energy. A study revealed it as “The next generation anti-diabetic drug in Type-2 diabetes mellitus”. Being
rich in antioxidants it helps against damage caused by free radicles in our body.


It is definitely a must plant in the garden. The plant can grow up to 20 feet outdoor and 5 feet in the pot. Originated from evergreen tropical climate miracle fruit tree can do best in partial shade, which requires bright light with good drainage and acidic soil conditions and need regular watering. A true gardener would suggest watering the plant as if it is raining! Neem oil treatment should do well against pests and insects.

When the world of Drug, Nutrition industry and Research are behind this 1725 Miracle to prove its legacy, why can’t we have one in our garden and let it exploit us with its amazing characteristic properties to keep us healthy and beautiful?

Grab one from Exotic flora...it’s time!