Bold and Beautiful Lustier Tropical Bloom


Hibiscus Plant from exoticflora


Having enormous varieties of species and popularly known for its flowering nature throughout the year, Hibiscus also has diverse significance. Hibiscus being a beautiful, bright flower in various lustier reflecting colors, it is the most embraced plant as wholeness whether it is used for inner health or for external beauty care. Hibiscus is used as a cultural and religious flower in India for Pooja.


Hibiscus tea, rich in vitamin-c and anti-oxidants has amazing refreshing effects on us...what more we need while surrounded by our stressful life styles. Plant leafs are used as a very good hair conditioner. Ayurveda emphasizes on the legacy of its medicinal and beauty enhancing values.Talking about Hibiscus Plant, growing this plant comes with easy care. If you want your plant to grow happily give it some sunlight since these plants grow well in tropical conditions having loam soil with a combination of sand, slit and clay which will keep the moist and at the same time act as good water drainer. Hibiscus plant can be grown in the garden at different heights between 3-7 Feet. A regular trimming of stems and old leaves is required. Hibiscus need to be treated with natural insecticidal soap oil or neem oils to control Aphid pest control.


Exotic Flora is all set to make space for your “Bold and Beauty Hibiscus” in your garden.
Come and explore Hibiscus Pink, Hibiscus Red, Hibiscus White and the refreshing Yellow Hibiscus!

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