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Mother Earth offers plethora of exotic flora to the humanity. Of all the natural gifts of the Mother Earth, flora is the most tender, precious and fragrant gift and hence considered to be a propitious offering to the God. It's because of this heavenly element that the plants are loved by one and all. But the bulk of the plant species are extinguished in the rush for development, thereby making the exotic plant varieties scarce and inaccessible to the nature lovers, particularly with requirement of small quantities.

Everyone of us wants to plant an exotic variety in our backyard. But the concrete jungles that we live in do not offer us the variety of our choice. Moreover, the retail requirement of a small household being small, it's the prohibitively costly logistics that deter the majority of the plant lovers from opting for the plants of their choice in their small backyards.

The problem of the plant lovers in india are many: Lack of Knowledge on the most appropriate plants suiting the climate and soil, Lack of information on the availability of the variety in the nearby nurseries, Costly logistics and transport problems associated with small household needs, Integrated water, manure and pest management techniques to ensure the survival of the plants that are so dear to their hearts and Complete hand-holding by professionals during the life cycle of each plant.

'Exotic Flora's prime objective is to fill all such gaps in the plant market. First, it addresses the retail and small buyers. Second, it's strategically positioned amid thousands of nurseries to source the plants of the customer's choice and safely transport them to any corner of the country within five days. Third, the packaging problem associated with a live plant has been solved by extensive research and tie-up with experts in the packaging industry. Fourth, reliable transport to the customer doorstep has been ensured by tie-up with the best shipping agents in the country. Above all, Exotic Flora is run by a battery of highly experienced Agricultural Scientists, horticulturists and floriculture Specialists to offer continuous and comprehensive consultancy (both online and off-line) to the customer and strategically intervene at different stages during the life-cycle of the plants.

Exotic Flora is not a mere online commerce portal that offers variety of plants online. It offers end-to-end consultancy to choose the appropriate variety to groom the sapling into a beautiful plant that offers fragrant flowers and fruits. It's the mission of Exotic Flora to source any variety of plant from anywhere, and whet the appetite of the plant lovers worldwide.

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