Zinnia -Flower Seeds

Zinnia -Flower Seeds

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Zinnias are one of the tried-and-true garden flowers recommended for even the most new gardener. Zinnias come in a multitude of varieties. They can be dwarf to giant, ranging from 6 inches to over 4 feet. The flower heads come in a variety of shapes from single and double blooms, to spidery-shaped to domes. The best thing is the fantastic range of colors. Zinnias are available from the faintest pastel to the most vibrant colors. They come striped, speckled, solid and multicolored. Zinnia’s make an incredible cut flower with a long vase life.

Sowing Instructions:

Zinnias are easy to grow; they like full sun and well-drained soil. It’s not too late to plant zinnia seeds for late summer color that will last until the first spring. They can be transplanted or direct sown into the garden. If you choose to get an early start and plan to transplant, plant them in a peat pot that can be planted directly into the garden or planting bed, as not to disrupt the roots.

Returns Policy

If you have received a damaged product/plant: This happens very rarely if any you please mail us immediately with a photograph. Our expert teams will attend your complaint to know about and justify the fact. Kindly note that some flowers / leaves may get damaged due to packing stress and hard logistic conditions. However the plant will refresh within 30 days by taking simple care and practice of proper handling as advised you by mailing correspondence.