Plumeria pudica/Wild Plumeria-Flowering Shrubs

Product Description

Plumeria pudica, which are also known as White Frangipani, Lei flowers and  Wild Plumeria, is a shrub which usually has one or two slender trunks that branch close to the ground forming a dense slightly spreading crown. Leaves are dark green and unique fiddle-shaped, or spoon-shaped. Large clusters of bright white flowers with small yellow centers cover this tree as a beautiful bouquet, hence the common name. The flowers are not fragrant.


This plant is very easy to grow, and unlike other plumerias, it doesn’t get insect or fungus problems. Somewhat drought tolerant and doesn’t require any special care. Tolerates light shade.

This is a perfect accent plant for small yard or patio, is evergreen, never drops leaves, and looks very tropical and ornamental even in short periods when it doesn't have flowers.

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