Onion - Allium Cepa - Vegetable seeds

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Many of us are under the impression that kalonji and onion seeds are one and the same thing possibly because kalonji is also called black onion seeds. ... Kalonji seeds are obtained from the Nigella sativa plant while onion seeds are obtained from the Allium cepa plant. If you want onion flowers and seeds, leave a few plants in the ground until the following summer. Onion flowers are edible and have a sweet, strong onion taste. For seed harvest, allow the flower head to dry on the plant. ... Small black seeds from inside each tiny flower. onion seed (plural onion seeds) Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: A seed produced by an onion plant. The strong-flavored seed of black caraway or nigella, Nigella sativa, which is deep black Read More

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