Ixora Semi Dwarf Yellow Exotica - Flowering Shrubs

Product Description

With their bright inflorescences, glossy green foliage, versatility in use and being easy to grow, Ixora are popular garden shrubs throughout the world.

Ixora is a compact, multi-branched evergreen shrub or small tree.Star-shaped flowers appear in round bunches and often fragrant.This is known as flame of the woods or jungle flame.

However, if one wants to have an illusion of stars brightening up one’s garden, one should go for Ixora, the multi-coloured star-shaped blooms that have heavenly connotations to their name.

These are best for hedges, in shrub beds, as ground covers or as specimen plants. Large varieties can also be used for screening. Dwarf varieties are grown in pots and can be trained as compact hedge. They are commonly planted near house walls in large shrub beds.

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