Hari Champa / Artabotrys hexapetalus - Flowering Plants

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About the Plant - 

  • It is an evergreen shrubby climber native to India.
  • It flowers during the warmer months (March, April, May, June, July, August) and are greenish/yellow and very often hidden by the leaves.
  • Flowers are greenish in color and fade to yellow with age, and are extremely fragrant.
  • It can spread more up to 12 meters.

Growing Tips - 

  • It can be grown from medium-size pot to large size pot. 
  • It prefers full sunlight to semi-shade sunlight areas.
  • Suited for a large garden, over the gate & wall, on the pergola, Read More

Flowering Plants






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Frequently Asked Questions

In General, all our flowering plants will start flowering within a year after the planting, and the majority of them you will receive with flowers.

Minimum 4-6 hours of direct bright light are necessary for flower plants to produce flowers. The soil should be well-drained, fertile, and organic in nature, the sandy-loam soil is the best soil for flowering plants.

The best Fertilizers are Organic fertilizers & Organic compost, manure to apply to your flowers. Remember Phosphorus based fertilizers are best to produce more flowers. Look at the descriptions of each plant for plant care guidelines.

Remember overwater can kill your plant(make sure that your pot should have drainage hole). Water when the topsoil(2-3 inch) feels dry to touch. In general moderate watering(in every 3-4 days)

You can grow all the flower plants on our Terrace or Balcony. You can also look at the collection of Flowering plants suitable for balcony in our collection sections.

There are many plants suitable for Devotional Purpose, the flower plants are All hibiscus, all roses, coral jasmine, all jasmine, all Tagar, all Nerium, Lotus, and any other flowering plants, Sacred trees like Bilva, Neem plant, wood apple, Saraca indica, Kadamba, Peepal, wood apple, kadamba, Saraca indica, Peepal, Banana, Mango etc.

There are many plants that bloom more than a season. There is a collection of year-round flowering plants in our website you can look at that collection in Flowering plants sections.

Different plants grow in different height, it totally depends on plant varities, it's location, you can find the details of each plant in the description.

Make sure that plants receive proper sunlight(3-4hours), regular watering & monthly organic compost or manure for early blooming.

The pot size is vary from plant to plant, always select 4-5 inche wider than your current pot.

In general, after 15-30 days you can transplant the plants.

Prepare the pit (1x1feet) pot slightly bigger than current pot, remove the plants from the existing pot, then place the plant in the pit or pot and then fill it with a mixture of garden soil, compost, cocopeat, perlite, vermiculite, finally water thoroughly to your plants.

Customer Reviews

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Sanjiv Kumar

Healthy plant but small

Sandhya am

The plant is healty still awaiting for flowers


The plant was packed very nicely.
On unpacking, the plant, which was safely secured to avoid transit damage, was taken out, and was found to be in very good condition. It is still in good condition, and will be planted when one month from the date of receipt.

Santhosh Vanaparthi

Hari Champa, Peace Lily & Thunbergia Mysorensis plants are really very healthy and packaged carefully

Niranjan Tadvi
Healthy and in good condition plant

I received this plant in very good packaging so got healthy plant...thanks Exotic flora