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Daisy- Bellis Perennis - Flowering seeds

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Bellis perennis. Bellis English Daisy seeds produce compact, versatile plants that are hardy in Zones 3-9. The pompon like flowers are fully double and can be deadheaded when they fade to prolong the flowering period. English daisy care includes keeping the soil moist. English daisies in the garden grow in full sun or part shade. Blooms of English daisy flowers may slow during the hottest summer days and return in cooler temperatures of late summer or fall. English daisy grows in nearly any type of well-drained soil and tolerates either full sunlight or partial shade. Plant seeds on well-prepared soil in late fall or early spring, then cover the seeds with about 1/8 inch of soil. Water the area lightly, using a spray nozzle to prevent washing out the seeds.

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If you have received a damaged product/plant: This happens very rarely if any you please mail us immediately with a photograph. Our expert teams will attend your complaint to know about and justify the fact. Kindly note that some flowers / leaves may get damaged due to packing stress and hard logistic conditions. However the plant will refresh within 30 days by taking simple care and practice of proper handling as advised you by mailing correspondence.