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Broccoli Green Star F1-Vegetable Seeds

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Broccoli is a stout, thick stemmed edible green plant in the Brassicaceae family, which also includes cabbage. The part we eat is actually the buds of the broccoli flower. If left unharvested, the broccoli head will open into small greenish-yellow flowers. Although most broccolis are green, there are also some delicious and beautiful purple varieties. Broccoli is a biennial, but it can go to seed the first year, if planted in early spring.

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If you have received a damaged product/plant: This happens very rarely if any you please mail us immediately with a photograph. Our expert teams will attend your complaint to know about and justify the fact. Kindly note that some flowers / leaves may get damaged due to packing stress and hard logistic conditions. However the plant will refresh within 30 days by taking simple care and practice of proper handling as advised you by mailing correspondence.