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SPECIAL CHARACTER OF ALPHONSO MANGO - They have a rich, creamy, tender texture and delicate, non-fibrous, juicy pulp and they are medium size fruit. The skin of a fully ripe Alphonso mango turns bright golden-yellow with a tinge of red which spreads across the top of the fruit. The flesh of the fruit is saffron-colored. These characteristics make Alphonso a favored cultivar and mainly exported as fresh fruit to other countries, due to this it is known as King of all mangoes.

Mango botanically known as Mangifera indica from Anacardiaceae family. Mango have different names Read More


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every, fruit plants vary in their fruiting time, depends on location, climate & age of the plants. Generally, Grafted fruit plants starts fruiting within 2 years of planting, where as non-grafted plants take more than 2 years. You can check the fruiting time of each plant in the plant description.

No, Majority of fruit plants are not delivered with fruits. But some grafted fruit plants can be delivered with fruits and flowers mostly Citrus, Guava, Star fruit, Fig, Ber etc. But it is recommended to remove the flowers during early days, so that plants can get more branches and physical strength.

Grafting is a technique where two plants part are combined together so that they can grow together. Most commonly seen in Mango. Air Layering is also a vegetative propagation technique where a plant is produced while it is still attached to its parent's plants. Commonly seen in Guava. Stem cutting is a vegetative propagation technique, where soft, semi-hard, or hardwood stem is cut with 2-3 nodes and used for the multiplication of plants. Commonly seen in flowering & ornamental plants.

Yes, the grafted fruit trees produce fruit earlier, than the non-grafted fruit plants.

These are some of the rare and new fruit plants and it's varities, which are not avialable everywhere in our country.

Remove the plant from its pot. Make sure to not disturb the root ball. Place the plant in a prepared pit(1x1ft) or slightly bigger pot than the current pot. Firm the soil around the plant with your hands. Water well till it drains out from the drainage hole.

In order to maintain the good shape of the plants, proper care should be taken from the beginning like the pruning of unwanted and diseased parts of plants, stalking to young plants, regular maintenance of plants.

In General, a grafted/air layered/hybrid fruit takes 2 years for fruiting, whereas seeded grown plants take 4-5 years of time for fruiting. But it may vary depending on the plant types.

In general if your soil weell drained, fertile and organic in nature, it will produce good quality fruit. Sandy-loamy is the most preferable soil used for fruit plants.

Size and taste of each fruit plants varies depending on the varieties. You can find more details about each fruit plants in terms of size and taste in the description of individual plants.

Initial first 2 years are very important to feed the plants with organic manure and fertilizers regularly. It is recommended to add organic manure or compost to each plant in every 3 months of time intervals. Do not go for Chemical fertilizers it will weaken the plants in future.

Plastic pots with drainage holes preferably work best as they are lighter to move around. Any other container which is light in weight with a drainage hole can also work to grow fruit plants.

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Piyali Das
Perfect Purchase but a bit pricy

The plants were a delight as it came alive and fresh like in a garden.....I am really impressed with the quality however, the price is absolutely big for the flowering plants atleast. Because the same flowering plants are available at much lower prices in other websites. The price for fruit plants are still understandable as you give authentic variety and with quality. Overall very pleased and satisfied with the delivery. Now will have to wait on how things turn out after transplantation. So far, I can say I am a loyal and long time customer for you now!!

Lokesh V.
Amazing Mango Plant from Exotic Flora

Two years back, I got a Mango Alphonso plant from Exotic Flora. Now, it's giving yummy mangoes, just like the pictures I've shared. Really happy with my healthy and strong plant. Big thanks to Exotic Flora for this beautiful addition to my garden

Ashok batham

Mango plant is growing and form new buds just after 3 days implant in pot

Benaifer Vikamsey
Fruit and flower plants

Received them properly. Now I have to see how they grow up and fruit after transplanting them. So far, so good 😊

Debashish SAHA

Medium quality plant