Juhi/Jasminum Auriculatum - Creepers & Climbers

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Juhi Jasmine Botanically known as Jasminum auriculatum from Oleaceae family. Common names are Jasmine molle, Indian Jasmine, Juhi, Jui, malle mokggu, mullai and ambur malliage etc. It is a distinctive perennial evergreen flowering plant. It is the fast growing landscape flowering plant. It is extremely fragrant flowering plants in full bloom. Juhi Jasmine is known for its immense fragrance & ornamentation applications. Jasmine is one of the the most popular flowers in India where it is commonly used for worship Lord Shiva and other deities.

Jasmine flowers are symbolic, they symbolize different emotions of life in different cultures, some of Read More


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Frequently Asked Questions

It grows horizontally. Creepers are plants with stems that grow along the ground, around another plant / on a wall by means of extending stems or branches.

It grows vertically. Climbers are plants with a tender stem that grow with the help of external support. They climb over the other by twine or hook from their leaves & stems.

It depends on the plant varieties and the available space for spreading. In General, a creeper can spread up to 15 meters.

Perennial creepers/climbers are plants that live or grow for a long time (more than a year)

List of plants that can also grow in Indirect bright light is All money plants, Pink wall creeper, All thunbergia, Ipomoea cairica & Ipomoea black, Hari Champa, Cissus nodosa, Mandevilla, and Trachelospermum jasminoides.

Minimum 3 years needed for a creeper plants to cover 5-10 meter of walls. But it also depends on the Plant care and plant variety.

It is always good to read both together, Creepers grow horizontally, it creeps on the ground whereas Climbers grow vertically by external support by their twine, tendrils, and other supportive structure.

Minimum 4-6hours of direct bright light are necessary for flower plants to produce flowers. The soil should be well-drained, fertile, and organic in nature, the sandy-loam soil is the best soil for flowering plants.

The best Fertilizers are Organic fertilizers & Organic compost, manure to apply to your flowers. Remember Phosphorus based fertilizers are best to produce more flowers. Look at the descriptions of each plant for plant care guidelines.

There are some creepers like Curtain creeper, Elephant creeper, Dolichandra unguis cati, Thunbergia, Passion flower, Wall creeper, Ipomoea etc, are very suitable for making privacy or providing like structure for shade purpose.

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Nidhi sharma
juhi plant review

the plant provided was bad..had tettered leaves . the same plant can be brought in 70 bucks in local nursery and i paid 750 bucks for a creeper. not buying anymore from here

Chandrakant D Jangam.

received plant in good condition & is green now, developing slowly but good.