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Ficus Religiosa or sacred fig is a species of fig native to the India. It is also known as the Bodhi tree, Peepal tree or Ashwattha tree. Peepal is a large, fast growing deciduous tree. It has a heart shaped leaves. It is a medium size tree and has a large crown with the wonderful wide spreading branches. It is one of the longest living trees. Peepal tree is easily propagated through the seeds or through the cuttings. It can grow in any type of soil. It requires full sunlight and proper watering. The Peepal is used extensively in Ayurveda. The Peepal tree has its own symbolic meaning of Enlightenment and peace.

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If you have received a damaged product/plant: This happens very rarely if any you please mail us immediately with a photograph. Our expert teams will attend your complaint to know about and justify the fact. Kindly note that some flowers / leaves may get damaged due to packing stress and hard logistic conditions. However the plant will refresh within 30 days by taking simple care and practice of proper handling as advised you by mailing correspondence.