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It is one of the most beautiful ornamental tropical trees when it sheds its leaves and bursts into a mass of long, grape-bunches like white flowers, it looks very beautiful. 

About the Tree - 

  • Rainbow Shower Tree is a hybrid between Amaltas (Cassia fistula) and Java cassia (Cassia javanica).
  • The tree is very drought tolerant and grows best in full sun, hot, and dry conditions.
  • It mainly flowers mainly in the month of April - May depending on the local climates, sometimes it varies.
  • It is a medium-big size tree and can grow between 8-10meters in height & Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor plants are those plants which grow in direct sunlight, they can be avenue & flowering trees, Palms, Cactus & Succulents, & Ornamental plants also.

In general outdoor plants prefer to grow under direct sunlight, so minimum 5-6hours of direct sunlight is essential for these collections.

Two important things are full sunlight & proper space to grow them because some plants need large space to grow.

Yes, if you are planting too close to the wall, it can damage your wall. Make sure that it is planted 3-4 meter away from the wall, exceptions for Palms & ornamental plants.